BVK Paintworks

Barre Verkerke

Master Painter

About Barre Verkerke:

He learned the painter’s trade in a combined learning/working setting. He has received all necessary diploma’s to be able to call himself a true specialist. As a small independent business, imitating, decorating and restoring have become his core business. As a result of a long history of courses taken in The Netherlands, Belgium and France, the offering and executing of a wide range of techniques is made possible. In part because of this, he has seen annual success in different fields of the National professional’s competition of the Study Groups. Much discussed projects in restoration, restyling and decorating feed his passions for the trade, which he performs with verve.

In 2010 Barre was admitted to the International Salon of Decorative Painters. That same year he exposed at Versailles. In april of 2011 Verkerke was in Atlanta (US) to expose, demonstrate, and above all, exchange. He is ever busy developing new techniques to imitate wood and marble, with which he adds a natural depth to his work that makes it impossible to tell apart from the real thing.