Street Art in Goes

Secretly, but not unnoticed by the local residents, Stefan Thelen and Verkerke created a massive artwork on an end wall in South Goes by order of the RWS (the regional housing association).

Guus Mulders, a poet, was asked to write a poem. This was to be put up in the RWS offices in honor of his retirement. β€œIn fact, this was a ruse so that we could use the poem as a starting point for the artwork. Guus had always been a proponent of murals, but nothing had ever come of it. So this was the ideal gift for him.”

in this street of permitted housing
where living is minded
and a job is being done
to give each and every single house its memory

how it used to be
or at least how it might have been
and who was there
when from the street a neighborhood arose

where not everyone may have a name
but always will be recognized

– Guus Mulders