Master Painter

After 12 years of studies, Verkerke attained the grade of ‘Master Painter’. The training starts with a preparatory for house painter followed by a candidate final journeyman. After that, there is a choice of various specializations.

Verkerke first chose restoration, imitation and decoration. This turned into his passion in the course of his studies. Casually, an administrative training for starting a business was added. The last three years were spent specializing in interior and wall finishing, after which, after the final exams, the Master’s grade was awarded. Verkerke Schilderwerken is proud to bear this this title. Unfortunately, there is a slight shortage in new entries to the training for Master Painter. Hopefully, there will be enough entries to keep it alive. “It’s very important to know all the different aspects of your occupation so that you yourself know the solutions to all possible problems. This means there are no extra people between all the client’s requests and the final result, as well as a growing passion for your occupation” says Verkerke.