Five years ago, Verkerke founded Stichting FunFest. A platform for music, film, theater, art and workshops that manifests itself in an annual 12-hour festival.

Because this year is FunFest’s fifth anniversary, the organization let loose big time with an extra concert-edition and a new concept: PaintJam. The goal of this event is to let people have a taste of, and inspire them in, the various disciplines by means of a range of workshops.

Aside from the workshops, film, theater DJs and Vjs, Barre, together with Gert-Jan Nijsse, gave a workshop in marble imitation. Because the overall theme was Black-and-White, the Grande Antique-variety of marble was chosen. The workshop was an outstanding success, with 12 participants who did not have any experience in the decorating-business. However, the end results did not reflect this inexperience at all.